A Message from the Principal


Welcome to Kudan Secondary School website!

This school was established in 1924 as Tokyo Daiichi Junior High School, the name changed to Kudan High School, and started as a Secondary School in 2006. We are located in Chiyoda-ward. Chiyoda-ward is located in the center of Tokyo. There are many embassies, government and municipal offices and many universities.

We offer a lot of opportunities to learn at Kudan, taking advantage of being a secondary school and in Chiyoda-ward. With abundant educational resources, you can learn through a sophisticated curriculum. The most attractive feature of this school is we continue to hold our historical and academic traditions.

Under our educational policy to learn, live fully, and develop yourself, students can enhance their own abilities through learning, experiencing and cooperation with each other. You can have friends who can enhance, motivate and enjoy school life together.

I am Atsushi Makino, the principal of Kudan Secondary School. I believe Kudan Secondary School is a special place to learn for your future, Thank you.